Digital Cultures and Technologies @ St. John Fisher College

students in the mac lab

Digital Cultures and Technologies equally embraces visual design (video, photography, data visualization), writing, and programming as equally crucial skills for creative media work, simultaneously embracing social media, information technology, the web, and locative media as venues for artistic expression, communication, and persuasion. The DCT program intertwines theory and practice to prepare students for careers and life in the 21st Century.

Specifically, the major in Digital Cultures and Technologies prepares students to analyze the changes that have arisen from the growth of digital technologies across artistic, sociological, psychological, economic, political, ethical, and legal disciplines, as well as how digital tools and social networks have altered written, oral, and visual communication. Students learn to use social media strategically and develop skills in producing digital media, including the creation of mobile applications, interactive web-based media, websites, computer games, and video.

DCT students will be prepared to apply the concepts of digital cultures and the study of information to a second discipline. To fulfill this objective, all DCT majors are required to complete a second major in another area in any school at the college. This will prepare students for work in their chosen career and prepare them to become leaders in applying technology to that area. Students also will be prepared to enter a variety of graduate programs, including communication, media study, information technology, information science, interactive telecommunications, video game design, law, and business.

Each DCT major chooses one four-course track in Content Creation, Social Media Analytics, Computer Science, Information Technology, or Learning Technologies. All students also complete a substantial senior project to use as a portfolio piece for their resume or graduate school application.

A minor in DCT is also available.

The Program